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Reality Bites

The '90s are biting back. We peed in our pants thinking the millennium bug would take over the world, Britney was still a schoolgirl, Backstreet was back (though we¿d much rather have apocalyptic anxiety) and Neo got us thinking about red and blue pills. But hey, we survived! Ladies and Gents, we present to you THE '90s (the way we liked it). When reality bit, when we were dazed and confused, when Gen X reigned and we aspired to being overeducated but unemployed. Slacker supreme DJ KFC will be resurrecting the likes of OMD, The Pet Shop Boys, Lightning Seeds, Fountains of Wayne and The Cardigans.

05 Jan - 27 Dec 2012

Every Thursday 8pm till late

Venue: OverEasy

TEL: +65 6423 0701


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